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EM Lock

EM Lock

EM Locks are very helpful in controlling who is allowed to enter in the room. This help you in deciding who is authorized to go inside and help you maintain your safety and privacy. The traditional way of giving access is by giving keys to the door. One need to handle bulky keys of all the doors that the person is having access to. The latest way is to do this by using RFID based card lock or by using biometric finger based door lock. These EM Locks help in restricting the person access. RFID cards can be issued to people to whom you want to grant access. These cards help people in entering the door by showing their cards in front of the lock.

Drop bolt lock glass door is used for frameless glass doors. Frameless glass door drop bolt lock is used for glass doors where both the pieces of doors are of glass. Frame and door when both are of glass then frameless glass door drop bolt lock is used.

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